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Exercise Nutrition Nature Relationships
Do you exercise regularly? How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat daily? How often do you spend time relaxing in nature? Are there people you can call when you are lonely?
Recreation Relaxation Spirituality Service
What do you do for fun? When you are under stress, what
helps you unwind?
Is faith/spirituality an important
part of your life?
Do you help others?

The Mind Body Connection
Health Issues
Local Buzz


Who we are: Members of groups interested in health such as the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, Mission Hospital Laguna Beach, Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach, Age Well Senior Services, Susi Q Senior Center and other health-oriented organizations along with dedicated locals.


Healthy Laguna! is a collaboration that seeks to educate and inspire everyone in Laguna Beach—

residents, business people, local officials and visitors: to promote consciousness of healthy living in its broadest sense,

and to take actions that encourage healthy lifestyles for themselves, their families and the whole community.

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